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New Installations

Commercial HVAC Installations

Does your company need a new HVAC system? We can help! Whether you’ve already bought the exact unit you need and you only require a company who can provide expert installation services, or you’re starting from square one and need expert recommendations on which HVAC unit would be best, Day & Night Air should be your first call.

We’ve worked with companies across the Phoenix metro area and we know exactly how the needs of a business differ from the needs of a residential client. We will assess your company’s needs, recommend a few options, and give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the right unit for your business.


Commercial HVAC Repair

What are the two most important factors you’re looking for when searching for a company to help with commercial HVAC repair? If you’re like most businesses the answer is simple: Cost effectiveness and time management. Your employees aren’t going to work to their full potential if your business is too hot or too cold and there’s no question you could lose valued customers when the temperature isn’t just right.

Call Day & Night Air today. We provide the perfect balance of value and experience. We are available 24 hours a day and can get to you quickly. If you need commercial HVAC repair, then you need to call us.

Maintenance Plan

Commercial Ac Maintenance

Why wait until there’s an issue that requires commercial AC repair when you could call us for commercial AC maintenance? We’ll come on a schedule you determine – or come for a one-time only maintenance call – and check your filters, your ductwork, etc. We can spot potential problems when they’re still quick-and-easy fixes and before they turn into expensive repairs.

Whether you need commercial AC installation or any other type of commercial HVAC service, Day & Night Air is your top choice. Call us today and see the difference between our services and the services of others in Phoenix. As you’ll see, the difference is day and night!