Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

Phoenix Arizona Air Conditioning Maintenance Contractor

Our Air Conditioner Maintenance agreement provides your Phoenix home with regular HVAC system upkeep. It’s a biannual check-up and tune-up! We come out and inspect your system to make sure everything is running properly.

The Day & Night Air Conditioning and Heating Company air conditioner maintenance agreement is designed to meet or exceed all manufacturer and extended warranty requirements for system
maintenance and surpasses the Federal Government Energy Star recommendations. An air conditioner maintenance agreement will keep your unit running at its peak performance, ensuring that the climate in your home is properly controlled at the correct temperature.

Remember: there is only so much that an amateur can do.

Without the proper tools and experience of a professional air conditioning repair technician, a Phoenix homeowner doesn’t have the ability to completely fix a damaged air conditioning unit. What an owner can do is persistently and diligently clean the condenser coil of an air conditioning unit, ensuring less breakdowns and more efficient output.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Plans

What’s Included?

  • Verify thermostat operation
  • Check temperature splits at unit and in house (return and supply)
  • Inspect Wiring
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Clean/Replace air filters (customer supplied)
  • Measure suction & head pressure
  • Inspect relays
  • Inspect contactors
  • Inspect fused disconnect for wear
  • Wash outdoor coil
  • Measure line voltage at start up
  • Inspect start capacitor
  • Check amp draws for indoor/outdoor motors & compressor
  • Inspect indoor & outdoor motor and compressor run capacitors
  • Measure & calculate superheat
  • Note indoor wet bulb
  • Check indoor coil, if accessible. Cleaning extra
  • Measure & calculate supercooling
  • Vacuum inside of blower cabinet
  • Flush condensate drain line, if accessible
  • Check burners on gas furnace
  • Check flue pipe on gas furnace
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Check limit switches
  • Check gas line
  • Check safety switches
  • Check motor bearings

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